how to remove belly pouch

5 Natural Ways On How to Remove Belly Pouch

The stomach is very easy to stretch so you have a belly pouch. This is because the stomach is one part of the body that has high elasticity and is most easily fatty. If you want to have a proportional body and flat stomach, you must know about how to remove belly pouch.

There are many ways you can do to get rid of your belly pouch. However, you should choose a natural method, such as sports or a healthy food diet. Here are 5 ways on how to remove belly pouch that you can easily do:

1. Consuming Green Tea

Green tea has always been believed to be one way to lose weight and remove the belly pouch. To get the maximum benefit, drink green tea regularly before you eat. Also, make sure you drink it without sugar. By drinking it before eating, it will automatically make your stomach feel fuller while eating.

So, it will reduce your portion of food. Moreover, green tea can facilitate the body’s metabolism, including fat metabolism. Therefore, green tea can help eliminate fat in the body. In addition, green tea can reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

2. Do Cardio

How to remove belly pouch is so easy, you can do cardio every day. Cardio is a type of exercise that involves almost all members of the body. For example, swimming, cycling, running, and so on. By doing cardio, all the muscles in your body will work.

For example, starting from the calf muscles, thigh muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders. So, not only fat on your stomach but also all the fat in your body can also disappear if you regularly do cardio.

3. Do a Routine Sit-Ups and Push-Ups

You can do sit-ups and push-ups to remove the belly pouch. But of course, you have to do it regularly to get maximum results. To remove your belly pouch, do 10 sit-ups and 10 push-ups every day.

Increase the intensity of the exercise every day to help you lose belly pouch. Moreover, doing sit-ups and push-ups in the morning can also be useful to control your appetite.

4. Avoid Foods with High Sugar Levels

There are two kinds of sugar found in food, namely glucose, and fructose. The liver can only metabolize fructose only in certain doses. If you eat foods and drinks with high sugar levels, your heart will not be able to metabolize whole fructose.

Then, your heart will turn it into fat that has accumulated in the stomach. So, how to remove belly pouch is by avoiding foods with high sugar levels.

5. Do Not Eat Before Bedtime

One reason you have a belly pouch is that you usually eat before bed. Therefore, avoid eating right before bedtime. This is because the body needs up to 2 hours to process food.

If you do not have an activity before going to sleep, then all the calories that enter your body will turn into fat. So, this not only causes a belly pouch but also can cause other dangerous diseases

Those are 5 ways on how to remove belly pouch you can do from now on. You can easily do those methods, but you need to do it regularly and consistently. You might not be able to feel it instantly but this is better than using an unnatural or chemical method.

health benefits of pineapple

5 Health Benefits Of Pineapple Everyone Should Know

Mixed of sweet and sour taste, pineapple is a delicious fruit that can freshen your mouth. Many people like pineapple. Besides the taste, there is another good news related to this fruit. The fact, you can find some health benefits of pineapple.

You can get those benefits that can be gotten by only eating it directly. But not limited to that, you can also juice it to drink. You can still get the nutrition as long as the pineapple is still fresh. So, here are the health benefits you may need to know.

1. Reducing Cholesterol

High fiber in pineapple can help increasing biliary excretion. That process will lessen the enterohepatic circulation. As a result, there will more cholesterol that dissolves, so cholesterol can be reduced.

Besides containing high fiber, pineapple is also free of fat. So it makes sense to consume pineapple to reduce cholesterol. Eat it regularly to get the maximum effect.

2. Increasing Immunity

Pineapple is very rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C content in this fruit is more than 100% of the body’s needs. This vitamin has an important role in keeping the immune system good.

So, it is no doubt that pineapple can help to increase your immunity. It makes the body is difficult to contract viruses and bacteria. Then, you can do many activities without excessive anxiety about getting an infectious disease.

3. Help Digestion Smooth

For you who have a problem with constipation, pineapple can be a good choice to consume. It has enough fiber and calories in it. As we know, both nutritions have the function to help normalizing digestion. 

This fruit also contains bromelain enzyme that helps your intestines to absorb more protein. The enzyme can also reduce stomach aches. Not only that, bromelain works to naturally calm reflux.

4. Maintaining Blood Pressure

Potassium content in pineapple is the thing that can help to maintain blood pressure. This mineral has a function as a vasodilator. It is the function that can control blood circulation. 

High blood pressure usually is caused by increasing of sodium. This mineral would make the blood be thickened. Then the body will hold the water to keep the blood normal. This condition can increase blood volume and interfere with circulation.

Here where the potassium works. It will normalize the sodium content then keeping the blood density so that not be thickened. The circulation will be normal again.

5. Fighting Free Radicals

Pineapple is one of the fruits that contain antioxidants. This molecule can help to fight free radicals that can cause oxidative stress. When excessive free radicals expose the body, the oxidation process will increase. This condition will cause damages to the body. That is why you need antioxidants.

Pineapple contains antioxidants such as phenolic acid and flavonoid. The antioxidants in pineapple can survive in the body’s environment. It can also be effective in a long time.

Those are 5 health benefits of pineapple you can get by consuming it. To have a healthy body, don’t forget to balance with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Consume the fruit, enjoy a healthy life.

health benefits of running

5 Health Benefits Of Running That Lazy People Should Know

Running is one of the simple exercises which can give many benefits to us. However, not all people like running or even just slow running like jogging. It happens because running can make people sweaty and tired. Although running makes us sweaty and tired, there are many health benefits of running that we never expect before. Moreover, there are many things about running that you should know to build your spirit to keep running such as the following information.

1. Running Can Strengthen The Lungs

Running means we train our lungs to be stronger than before. Indeed, running can make you gasp and span. However, those are the way you treat your lungs to be healthy. On the other hand, you can suddenly strengthen your lungs by running for the first time. However, during the time you run, you might get your strong lungs that are able to control and breathe more clearly. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your lungs, keep practicing running as daily activities.

2. Running Can Prevent High Blood Pressure

We all know together than high blood pressure is one of the dangerous diseases. However, we are still able to prevent high blood pressure disease by running. In fact, it may sound strange but actually, running can keep your arteries fit and keep your blood pressure normal. Moreover, if you run in the early morning, you will not only prevent high blood pressure but also clean breathe by the fresh air. Thus, running will be the best exercise for you who has high blood pressure or even as prevention.

3. Running Is Able To Strengthen Your Immune

If you try to run for the first time, you might feel that running just makes you tired and hungry. Moreover, you might not get the benefit of running just for once trial of running. Indeed, the benefits may not come suddenly, but you might get the benefits after running several times. In fact, running regularly can make your body fit and invulnerable to germs. Therefore, you will have strong immune and protect you from illness.

4. Running Can Control The Weight

Except for strengthening the lungs and prevent high blood pressure, running can also control the body weight. Indeed, running can be one of the diet treatments than can burn fat or calories in our bodies. Therefore, running can also help you to control weight or even help you to lose weight. In fact, we must run regularly as habitual every day. We cannot lose weight easily by running without keep running regularly.

5. Running Can Strengthen Your Legs

The common benefits of running that every people will know are running can strengthen the legs. In fact, running makes us move from A place to another place by legs. Moreover, we use and push the foot many times while running. Therefore, by running we probably can strengthen our legs easily and make them healthy.

There are many health benefits of running that we don’t know before. After reading and knowing this information, we must change our lifestyles by running regularly to keep our health. Even running is hard and tired, we can get many health benefits that useful for our body.

How the Best Online Slots Casinos Compare

How the Best Online Slots Casinos Compare

Choosing the right betting club website page for you isn’t basic; there is no absence of components that you ought to recollect in the midst of your sweep for the Holy Grail of web based betting clubs. It doesn’t help that some little yet dire nuances that could affect your decision can once in a while be genuinely covered on these regions. Here is the thing that number of our favored online slots betting clubs take a gander at in an assortment of respects.

Which Casino Offers the Highest Number of Free Spins?

It’s emphatically awesome when you don’t have to contribute a lot of vitality as a person from a club site before you can begin typically turning your favored virtual slots machines at no money related charge. Luckily, you don’t have to look irrationally far for web based betting clubs that to be certain offer a great deal of free winds.

As of October 2017, Casumo gives 200 free winds in its acknowledged group – essentially joining gets you 20 of them. Given that you make a basic store and sign in, another 20 turns will be yours consistently over a nine-day time length.

This isn’t to suggest that that free contorts are in a general sense uncommon at other online slots entryways; you might just need to mix all the more persistently to lift them up. If, for instance, you joined the VIP plot Casino Club at Casino of Dreams, you could store free contorts on what is called Free Spins Thursday.

Believe it or not, if you are another player and make a hidden store of at any rate £10 at Casino of Dreams, 100 free turns how to hack scr888 credit can be yours. The site furthermore offers a colossal invite compensation of £1,000. Significant? In fact, anyway that totally shouldn’t run Casumo out of your idea…

We express this considering the way that Casumo offers a potential most extraordinary invite compensation of £1,200. You can make five stores at Casumo for that most noteworthy, regardless of the way that we would request that you examine our start to finish study of the betting club first.

Where Can You Find the Biggest Variety of Slots Games?

Make an effort not to submit the green bean blunder of expecting that all slots beguilements are essentially unclear. This can show up the circumstance when you from the outset watch them; in any case, there are various sorts of online slots, including extraordinary slots, video slots, dynamic slots and 3D slots.

It might be too easy to even consider evening consider thinking little of the implications of different sorts of slots. That mess up isn’t so normal to make whether you have examined our conclusive manual for online slots. By picking a web based betting club that doesn’t keep down on the variety of slots it offers, you can keep your inclusion with that site page fun. This could keep up your eagerness for all the more therefore help your chances of winning.

Taking everything in account, which web based betting club rules all others for slots not too bad assortment? Casumo is no ifs, ands or buts a strong confident; its slots entertainments number in the bunches and consolidate such firm top picks as Starburst, Mega Fortune Dreams and Book of Ra select 6.

Betting club of Dreams doesn’t confirmation truly, either. There are some intriguingly excellent choices in its slots entertainments broaden – including the 5-reel game Fortune Girl, where multipliers can help you with gathering free curves. Celebrity people at Casino of Dreams can moreover endeavor slots rivalries.

Regardless, we figure the site that most warrants the crown for slots variety is Cashino. It generally has some aptitude in slots, and this dedication has clearly fulfilled. The well known decisions that it offers consolidate Blazing Star, Alice Adventures, and Cash Stax.

Cashino moreover couldn’t be accused for being off key with mainstream society, as the slots decisions join any similarity to Beverly Hills 90210 and Michael Jackson, King of Pop. Cashino is a smooth lawbreaker and you can’t beat it – take a gander at our review to get comfortable with correctly why.

Which Casino Has the Best Mobile App?

These days, it’s truly standard for betting club districts to give versatile applications empowering you to play slots on your wireless or tablet. This makes it less difficult for you to welcome a quick game on the Tube in the midst of your consistently booked drive, or while loosening up with some tea in a bistro.

All things considered, which betting club would it be prudent for you to arrange joining if the chance of some in a rush slots gaming invigorates you? While there are various decisions, one of them that most catches our eye at a beginning period is 32Red. In the wake of joining the site, you can ensure £10 without hoping to store any money.

In addition, the application enables you to accumulate an extra £32 prize with each £10 extraordinary. That could give you a great deal of money to play with as you test the 32Red-select slots including I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! additionally, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Moreover captivating for slots fans are 32Red’s powerful slots, including Megah Moolah, where £1 million can be won, and Major Millions. One locale where 32Red fairly falters is with the measure of its slots commitments; the total number of most of the club’s entertainments, not just slots, is somewhat more than 150.

This couldn’t would like to contrast with the more than 300 slot online uang asli machines that Casumo offers through its versatile application. The diverse programming providers that have controlled this overwhelming proportion of choice fuse Evolution, Quickspin, IGT and Net Entertainment.

It’s not just an issue of sum, nevertheless. The game assurance fuses the respected Starburst, Rainbow Riches and Reel King, and there are specific huge stakes on offer, too. Remember those 200 free contorts we referenced Casumo publicizing? You can value them with the versatile application, also.

first aid procedures for second degree burn

5 Tips For First Aid Procedure To Second Degree Burn

Burns are grouped into 3 levels based on their severity.  Second-degree burns, tend to be worse than the first level.  If this happens, then do first aid in burns.  Thus, you have to know the first aid procedures for second degree burn.

Level Of Degree Burn

Based on the severity, burns can be divided into 3 levels, namely: first-degree burns are burns that tend to be mild, only occurring in the outer portion of the skin.  This burn will heal by using mild medicines.  Although it tends to be mild, this burn still removes the scar, but the scar that is there will disappear over time.  Therefore, always provide in a medicine box.  Mild medicines for first-degree burns, to get first aid

Second-degree burns are a condition of the skin suffering from damage to the epidermis tissue of the skin, due to exposure to hot objects.  This burn requires special handling so as not to cause new infections in the skin.  Because these burns tend to be more severe than the first degree burns, it requires a doctor’s treatment.  However, before going to the doctor should do first aid.  Thus, residents must know the first aid procedures for second degree burn before going to the doctor.

Third level burns.  This burn is the highest severity of the burn.  This burn is a condition of the body almost the majority suffered burns.  Therefore, third-degree burns require the treatment of doctors, and even not infrequently require hospital treatment.

Firstaid For Second Degree Burn

When you have an accident that results in burns.  Then first aid should be done before seeing a doctor.  Here are the steps of the first aid procedures for second degree burn, namely :

1. Pouring Cold Water on the Wound

When a burn occurs, it must immediately pour water flowing into the wound.  Should use tap water that has fungal or pouring water from the dipper on the affected skin burns.

2. Gives Cold Ointments Specifically for Burns

Always provide cold ointment in the medicine box.  So that if an accident results in a burn, you can immediately apply the ointment immediately.  This ointment serves to relieve the burning sensation due to burning skin.  Thus, it will not be tortured with pain.

3. Don’t Cover the Wound

Burns should be left open, so as not to cause more severe infections.  The texture of the burn itself is runny, so it will result in moist and suppurating skin when covering it with bandages or tape or other material used to close the wound.

4. Take Antibiotics

When a burn occurs, you should immediately drink it, so that bacteria do not multiply easily on the skin.  Skin exposed to bacteria will make the wound worse. But there are some people who are allergic to antibiotics.  Therefore, it should monitor the consumption of antibiotics that can create allergies.

5. Don’t Use Clothing that Can Cause Friction on the Skin

But there are some people who are allergic to antibiotics.  Therefore, it should monitor the consumption of antibiotics that can create allergies.

The second-degree burn is not a life-threatening accident, but still to have one is torture. For that reason, it’s handy to know about the first aid procedures for second degree burn. 

best remedies for dysmenorrhea

Best Remedies For Dysmenorrhea At Home

Every month, women would get through menstruation. It is a normal process for women that are already grown up and are not pregnant. However, for some women, during their menstruation, they would fell stomach ache or also known as dysmenorrhea. Even though it is a normal phase during menstruation but it could be very hurtful. But there are also the best remedies for dysmenorrhea that women could do by themselves in the house.

best remedies for dysmenorrhea

For some people, the dysmenorrhea usually starts even before the menstruation comes. While other women would feel it on whether on the first or second day. The cramps could also make women become cranky and lose the good mood. That is why it is important to cure it fast. Here are some of the best remedies for dysmenorrhea that people do at home.

1. Drink a Warm Cup of Chamomile Tea

One of the home remedies that women could do if they get cramps is with chamomile tea. Drinking a cup of warm chamomile tea would help the pain go reduce and go away. Chamomile contains an anti-inflammatory substance that could help to reduce contraction, cramps, and pain. Moreover, drinking this would also make women relax and calm. This is also a delicious way to treat cramps.

2. Insert some Cinnamon in Meal or Drink

The next best remedies for dysmenorrhea are with inserting cinnamon into the meal or drink. There is a study for women who insert cinnamon into their meal/drink for the first 3 days of menstruation. It is proven that these women would have less reduction and less pain during their cycle. People could insert some cinnamon into their meal of cereal or also into their hot cocoa drink.

3. Consume Ginger

Another study has proven that women who consume ginger during their menstruation would also feel less pain. Moreover, with ginger, there are no side effects after drinking it. Women could crack the ginger and drink it with a cup of warm tea or also milk. Some people would also consume ginger that is formed in a capsule.

4. Say No to Caffeine and Soda

Besides the best remedies of dysmenorrhea, women should also avoid consuming things to reduce and avoid pain. For example, women should not drink caffeine and soda when they are entering their menstruation cycle. Moreover, women should also not drink those drinks during their menstruation. However, if a woman is coffee addictive, then they should add some other nutrients to balance their body.

5. Use a Heating Pad

The last best thing to reduce pain at home is by using a heating pad. This is the easiest yet fastest thing to do when a woman gets a cramp on their menstruation. If there are no pads in the house, women could also use a towel or even a bottle. People could heat the pad with boiling it in warm water. Or also heat it with a microwave.

The best remedies for dysmenorrhea could be done easily at home. The remedies are safe and would not make dependencies as if women take capsules or bottle drinks. Moreover, these remedies are also still delicious and do not torture women.

first aid for food poisoning

First Aid For Food Poisoning: Symptoms, Caused, And Treatment

Nowadays, there are available a lot of unhealthy ingredients in our food wherever we buy it. So, food poisoning is one of the dangerous accident that haunted us all day long. However, we can’t take this problem easy because there are 500.000 cases are reported each year. It can happen to us anytime, and it is important to know about first aid for food poisoning. 

first aid for food poisoning

Food poisoning can give a big impact on our lives and activities. It can disturb all schedules for few days ahead. Badly, food poisoning can also cause dehydration or death. First aid can be very useful to cure the patient and wait for the medical personnel to come and help us. In this article, we will try to explain to you the symptoms, caused and how the treatment.


Before you enter the first aid, it will be better if you know the symptoms of food poisoning. It can give you some clue so that you can conclude what you had is food poisoning, not other diseases. Food poisoning will show the symptoms after 5-72 hours after you eat something. You usually will feel nausea or in the bad case, you will be vomiting. It shows us that your stomach doesn’t accept the things you eat.

Food poisoning can cause other symptoms like diarrhea or abdominal cramps. Don’t be panic if these symptoms happen to you because it was not a deadly disease like a virus attack. However, our digestion has its mechanism to reject and clean poisoning food. Similarly, our body will back to normal after a few days. Just focused on what you will eat next because you will be dehydrated so badly.


Like its name, bad food is the main thing that caused food poisoning. Caused can be different in each case based on what food you eat before. But, we will try to give you some food that usually caused it. Meat is the main ingredient that can be poisoning when it is undercooked or stale before.

For your information, there is available some poisoning food even it is still fresh. You must be careful about the fruits, vegetables, fish, or mushrooms. Make sure all the things you will eat are not included in the poisoning food. Some poisoning food can have a good taste if it is in a professional hand like pufferfish.


The biggest impact when you had food poisoning is dehydration. The first aid for food poisoning that you have to do is laying down and rest so it can save energy. Give them some water or coconut water to drink. If they had diarrhea, you should give them salts and a lot of fluids. Also, give them some easily digested food like banana or crackers.

If they don’t get better, you should call the emergency call or bring them to the hospital. Don’t let them work or school at least 48 after the vomiting end, let them have a bad rest. Make sure you had a clean and hygiene hand when interacting with the patients. It is important to reduce the possibility they getting worse.

Food poisoning is a dangerous disease that waiting to attack us if we are unaware. It can happen wherever we are because we don’t realize that the food we eat is poisonous. It is important to know first aid for food poisoning so we can help others if it happens near us.

How to stop runny nose toddler

How To Stop Runny Nose Toddler With Natural Ways

Treating a sick baby or toddler can sometimes be tiring and exhausting especially if they have many kinds of allergies. Toddlers usually get sick easily therefore adults must take care of their kids carefully. Especially it is recommended that toddlers do not take medicines for their illness. One of the most illnesses that toddlers usually have is runny nose or flu. How to stop runny nose toddler is easy but it will take some time compared to medicines.

For toddlers who have a runny nose, it is better than to treat them with natural ways rather than medicine. By consuming medicine, toddlers will cure quickly. However, this will make the body depend too much on medicine. Therefore, try some steps on how to stop runny nose toddler before using medicines. Here are some ways people can try to their kids:

1. Drink Breast Milk

If your toddler is still below two years old, then give them breast milk. Give them as much as they want rather than making them eat. Research has shown that breast milk consists of many vitamins and nutrients that are not available in other kinds of milk. Therefore, breast milk is sure one of the best medicines for toddlers. 

2. Hot Drinks

If the toddler is older than two years old than parents can give them hot drinks or milk. Hot drinks can warm down the body and reduce the symptoms of a cold. Therefore, rather than drinking cold drinks give your kid something warm. 

3. Infant Bulb

It is quite hard to tell a baby to blow out the nose, therefore use an infant bulb. The function of the bulb is to suck out all the flu in the nose. How to stop runny nose using this tool is by putting the edge of the bulb in the nose. Squeeze the bulb a few times to take out all the fluids inside the nose. This process is not hurtful at all, so it is safe for the baby. 

4. Oil Essential

Another easy way on how to stop runny nose toddler is by turning on oil essential. There are many kinds of oil essential in the market that people can choose from. Many flavors have different functions for adults or babies. If you don’t have the tool for the oil essential, use hot water in a bowl to replace it. 

5. Rest and Sleep

One of the most effective ways to treat a runny nose is to let the toddler sleep and get a rest. One of the potential causes of flu is a tiring body. Therefore, let the toddler rest as much as they need while making sure of their food and drink. Usually, after a good sleep, their body will feel better and fresher. 

Adults must know that how to stop runny nose toddler is different from adults. Therefore, adults must be more patients in facing kids when they are sick. However, people should prevent their kids with sick people. Therefore, they can prevent their kids from getting a sick or runny nose. 

How to Stop Myopia Progression People Can Try

In the old days, the myopia problem was usually found more in adults rather than kids. But now a day, many kids also have myopia problems with their eyes. Some of these problems are caused because of genetic factors. But others because of bad habits such as reading with sleeping. Or watching tv or computer with the lights off. Even though people can now wear glasses to see, many people are still wondering how to stop myopia progression.

Some people say that there are no certain ways on how to stop myopia progression on people. However, some research has found out some ways that can help slow down the progressions. Some people even have not increased for a few years. Here are some of the ways on how to stop myopia progression from simple ones:

1. Wearing Glass Regularly

One of the causes that can make myopia worse is by not wearing the glasses regularly. The function of glasses is to help people see better and help prevent from getting worse. Therefore, if people do not wear their glass regularly their minus can increase. So, people must at least be disciplined in wearing their glasses to prevent them from getting worse. However, it is also important to give the eyes some rest from the glasses.

2. Prevent Watching Screens

Looking at a screen too long can cause myopia to become worse, therefore try reducing some time on the screen. Whether you work or just stay at home, try giving your eyes some time to rest from the screen. Give a maximal 2 hours on-screen and then rest for a while before starting again.

3. Spending the Time Outside

People may not believe this but spending time outside can help reduce and stop myopia progression. They say that the ultraviolet from the sun helps changes the molecular shape of the eye. The result from this activity is not fast but it does help stop the progression. So, rather than spending time inside, go out and get some fresh air.

4. Orthokeratology

Not a lot of people know about this therapy, but it is a way on how to stop myopia progression. In this method, people will have to wear a certain contact lens for several hours each day. Slowly but sure the contact lens will change the shape of the eye. Then after a certain time, the length of the time will be shortened. People will have to follow the treatment until the end if not the shape of their eye will return.

5. Laser

One of the most promising ways to stop myopia progression is by laser and operation. This is quite pricey, but with laser and operation, people can get their problems solved. Before getting a laser, there are some requirements needed.

Overall, there are many ways on how to stop myopia progression on adults and children. But the sooner people prevent and give treatments the better. Therefore, try some of these ways as soon as possible to prevent myopia from getting worse.

Best remedy for sunburn

5 Best Remedy For Sunburn That Can Heal Quickly

The holiday season is over and do you get a sunburn during the holidays? You should not stress after the holidays because you have a sunburn. This is because there is the best remedy for sunburn that you can try easily.

Best remedy for sunburn

Even though you already use sunscreen, the skin can still get a sunburn. Of course, this can disturb your appearance and comfort. Sunburn can cause your skin to peel and become very sore. Here is the best remedy for sunburn so you can get back to your activities comfortably:

1. Rinse with Cold Water

Usually, sunburned skin not only changes color but also swells. So, you can take a shower or rinse your skin with cold water to relieve inflammation. You can also rub sunburned skin with oatmeal or soap that has soy content.

The soy content in soap will make your skin much calmer and relieve pain. However, avoid taking a shower using hot water because it can make your skin dry.

2. Apply Ice Cube

The second way you can do to relieve sunburn is to apply ice cubes. This method is the easiest way for you to do because ice cubes are easy for you to get. You can put 5 to 10 ice cubes in clean plastic.

Then, wrap the plastic in a thin towel. Apply a towel that wraps the ice cubes in the sunburn area of the skin. Leave on for 5 minutes and do it several times a day so that your sunburn is getting better.

3. Apply Aloe Vera

The best remedy for sunburn is aloe vera and this method is the most popular way you can do to cure sunburn. Aloe Vera has cool properties that can soothe burning skin. In addition, Aloe Vera also contains moisturizers that can protect the skin from infection and irritation.

Surely this is very useful for your skin that is having sunburn, right? You can cut aloe vera, take the gel and apply it to the skin affected by sunburn. Or, you can also use aloe vera gel, which is sold widely in the market.

4. Use Yogurt as a Mask

Burning skin is painful and you can treat it with yogurt. Yogurt has protein and fat that can maintain painful inflammation. Yogurt also has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which also work as a cooling agent.

So, you need to apply yogurt to all areas affected by sunburn. Rinse with cold water and then gently pat the skin. You can do this several times a day so that the sunburn quickly subsides.

5. Compress with Tomato Juice

You can use tomatoes to cure sunburn. This is because tomatoes contain vitamin C, which can help stimulate collagen production in your skin. So, tomatoes can repair skin damaged by sunburn. In addition, tomatoes can also protect the skin from the dangers of UV rays.

You can make tomato juice and apply it to burning skin. Leave it for 20 minutes, rinse using cold water, and pat the skin gently. Do this method every day to recover your skin condition.

Those are the best remedy for sunburn, which you can easily do. You can do this regularly so that your skin condition becomes healthier. Don’t forget to drink lots of water so that your skin is well hydrated.